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Expert Testimony

Since 2005, Harper has provided expert testimony in more than 70 legal cases: Lanham Act - Trademark, Trade Dress, Patent; Defamation;  Commercial Reasonableness; Personal Injury - Retail Merchandising; Misleading Advertising; Misleading Packaging; Damages; Fraud; and more. State, Federal, Class Action, Civil, Criminal. Courtroom Qualified. Arbitration Qualified. Harper has opined across a range of issues including trademark confusion, channel strategy, false advertising (including online advertising), personal injury, branding and marketing, contracts, survey rebuttals, retail strategy, and trade dress confusion. She has been retained for criminal and civil cases regarding individuals, corporations, and class act law suits.


Consumer Confusion Expert

With more than 30 years experience in consumer research, Harper has created, developed, fielded, analyzed, and reported on thousands of studies. In her work providing expert testimony, she has conducted surveys on genericness, likelihood of confusion, secondary meaning, false advertising, dilution and more as it relates to trade dress, trademarks, and patents.

Designed to meet the criteria for survey trustworthiness detailed in the Manual for Complex Litigation, Harper is adept at both the Squirt (two-room, side-by-side, and modified) and Eveready formats. Her quantitative surveys meet or exceed a 90% confidence level +/- 5 percentage points for both test and control groups.

Generally, surveys are broken into two parts: (1) The Top Line, and (2) The Report.

Clients pay $12,500 (plus sample cost) for The Top Line which includes the design, methodology, programing, fielding, and top line analysis and oral reporting of the findings. This is paid in advance of project commencement. Should the client want an expert report, the fee is an additional $12,500 which is due prior to report delivery.

Surveys generally take 5-6 weeks, otherwise rush (150%) charges may apply:

  • Week 1:  Methodology, Sample, Screener
  • Week 2: Design, Program 
  • Week 3: Field & Manage
  • Week 4: Analysis
  • Week 5: Report